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Kirehe residents tutored on hygiene and security
Published on 3-08-2016 - at 01:15' by Police

Police in Kirehe District have urged residents of Kigina Sector to ensure sanitation and hygiene in their homes as a factor of safety and security.

In a meeting with about 200 residents presided over by Kirehe District Community Liaison Officer, Inspector of Police (IP) Gahigi Harerimana on August 1, noted that poor hygiene can be a threat to individual security.

“Poor hygiene can result into diseases. This is why we urge you to ensure that you keep your homesteads clean at all times,” said IP Harerimana.

He went on to say that a “healthy citizen shouldn’t involve themselves in unlawful or criminal activities.”

“When you fall sick, you will spend money and time in the hospital instead of working and this is time wasted in domestic development which can as well result into household poverty; you should avoid this,” he noted.

IP Harerimana urged the residents to join the fight against drug trafficking.

Kirehe is one of the transit routes for drug traffickers and the DCLO noted that partnership in information sharing on dealers will lead to breaking the supply chain and ultimately prevent other associated crimes like domestic and gender based violence, theft and assault.

The meeting was also attended by area local leaders, who emphasized on partnership at all levels with police to fight crimes and promote public welfare.



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