KtRN Commissions Telecom Tower running on Solar Energy

Published by Jean d’Amour Mugabo
On 9 May 2017 saa 01:31
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Kt Rwanda Networks (KtRN) has commissioned a Telecom Tower that runs on Solar Energy in line with government’s targets toward off-grid solutions. The Telecom Tower launched on Monday, is located in Gacuriro, a suburb of Kigali, and is running on immense solar panels that provide backup electricity for up to 36 hours.

The objective is to provide solution for the power cuts in Kigali in order to provide a constant 4G LTE Network. KtRN CEO said this system is an environmental friendly solution that will help in providing very stable power supply which has a direct impact on the level of service in telecom business.

Off-grid is a system and lifestyle designed to help people function without the support of remote infrastructure, such as an electrical grid. In electricity, off-grid can be stand-alone power systems or mini-grids typically to provide a small community with electricity.

KtRN’s Off-Grid Solar Solution is a type of Electricity Generated by Solar Panels that charges big batteries and this electricity can be used in the absence of grid power or during daytime to reduce bill of Electricity.

KtRN is commonly known as the provider of 4G LTE Internet (Fourth Generation Long-Term Evolution) and 62% of Rwandans currently have access to the superfast internet with the target to reach 95% by 2017.

Government energy targets

The Government of Rwanda encourages the population to use clean energy like solar energy especially in areas which are yet to be connected to the national grid.

Currently, 31% of Rwandans have access to electricity with 28% on-grid while 3% use off-grid solutions. The Government’s target is to provide electricity access with 70% of Rwandans (48% on-grid and 22% off-grid) by the year 2018. In order to realize the 22% off-grid target, Government has so far entered into partnership with 24 dealers in off-grid solutions while the fastest ever grid expansion is ongoing to see 48% realized too.

Solar energy systems present a range of benefits as being environmental friendly with Zero Carbon Emission, Low operation and Maintenance Cost, Long Lifespan up to 25 years, Real-time Monitoring and Control as well as generating Stable and Sufficient Electricity.

KtRN is the sole 4G LTE infrastructure company in Rwanda, jointly invested by the Government of Rwanda and Kt Corporation exclusively for wholesale provision of universal mobile broadband services in Rwanda using 4G LTE technology. The wholesale mobile broadband network aims to accelerate the availability of high-speed connectivity in collaboration with retail partners that provide end-user services and solutions to consumers, enterprises and the nation in general in line with the country’s vision to be an ICT hub.

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KtRN’s Telecom Tower that runs on solar energy was unveiled yesterday.
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KtRN’s solar panels powering the Telecom Tower in Gacuriro, Kigali.

By Jean d’Amour Mugabo