Kwibuka23: Genocide survivors in Belgium commemorate

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 17 April 2017 saa 06:00
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The association of survivors of genocide survivors based in Belgium URGT asbl, (Union des Rescapés du Génocide des Tutsi) has commemorated victims of 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

The commemoration was held on Saturday organized in collaboration withTerritoires de la Mémoire’ organization and Liège city leadership.

Rwanda’s ambassador to Belgium, Olivier Nduhungirehe who was the guest of honor lauded organizers of the event held annually noting that remembering genocide victims helps to regain strength.

“We are gathered here to remember families, friends, colleagues killed for being Tutsi,” he said.

Nduhungirehe lauded RPF-Inkotanyi soldiers for stopping genocide and demonstrated heroism in rescuing Tutsi.

“I voice my appreciation to RPF-Inkotanyi soldiers for their sacrifice to liberate Rwanda. We also think about 10 Belgian soldiers in UN mission killed including Corporal Christophe Renwa a native in Liège," said Nduhungirehe.

Jérôme Jamin, the representative of "Territoires de la Mémoire", stressed the need of commemorating highlighting that development emerges as a person learns from the past.

Ikirizaboro Anne Marie, the president of URGT commended the embassy to Belgium and Liège city leadership for standing with them in commemorations saying that 1994 genocide victims will never be forgotten.