Laziness killing devt- Museveni

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On 17 April 2017 saa 09:16
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President Museveni has attributed the growing poverty in the country on the “dilemma of production” with less people engaging in productive work and others working less or remaining seated to eat.

He observed that with more than 68 per cent of Ugandan households still practicing subsistence farming and more Ugandans looking on while the others work, “it is a recipe for disaster and the national vision cannot be clearly achieved”.
“I have come to tell you about laziness, there are more people who do not want to work, others are doing all they should be doing. When we started this campaign for Bona Bagaigahare (prosperity for all), we called it the name because we wanted all to work,” he stressed.

“Some people thought prosperity was about stealing, it’s about working, commercial farming as opposed to subsistence farming, we want all people to work not a few while others look on.” he said.

President Museveni was speaking at St Mathew Cathedral Kyamate in Ntungamo District where he attended Easter Sunday service.
“If you are not generating income when everything revolves around money, how do you think you will survive?” he asked.

A recent study on inequality in the country by a charity organisation, Oxfam indicated that the gap between the rich and the poor has continued to widen at an alarming rate.

Accompanied by wife, also Education minister Janet Museveni and former UN envoy and Minister in Tanzania, Ms Anna Tibeijuka, the President said production by all must be emphasised if the true prosperity is to be realized.

He however blamed technocrats and politicians for failing development and investment in the country through demanding bribes to issue licenses.

He warned that the clump down on such people will continue.
“I have been talking about corruption but people never listen, now those who never listen, they will be like the man who ate his own eye. You can’t kill our country and we let you go, corruption stops work. Now we have started on them. People come into the country they want to set up a factory, but some people want them to give a bribe before they process them a license, that must stop.” President Museveni said.

The President ordered for the eviction of the people who are occupying the Ntungamo wetland and are planting there Eucalyptus trees. The President said such people are drying up water reservoirs for the Rwizi and Kagyera rivers that have their water sources in the six wetlands in Ntungamo District, which will consequently affect the general water system in the region.

He said Lubowa hospital and Mulago hospital are currently making important strides pledging also to support South Ankole hospital to reach their dream of having such specialized treatments done there.

Speaking at the service First lady Ms. Museveni reemphasized the need to have parked lunch for children going to schools, accusing parents for neglecting children to the government and to God.

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President Museveni and the First Lady at St Mathew Cathedral Kyamate in Ntungamo District where he attended Easter Sunday service.

Source:Daily Monitor