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M23 Expect Positive Outcome from Kampala Talks
Published on 28-01-2013 - at 03:24'

The spokesman of the Movement of March 23 (M23), Bertrand Bisimwa, said Sunday January 27, if the dialogue resumed with consideration of all the items on the agenda, a favorable outcome is possible.

According to him, M23 movement and the Kinshasa government will agree on several points, despite small differences that continue to oppose.

Negotiations between the rebels and the government have been suspended the last weekend due to the summit of the African Union, which opened Sunday, January 27.

Ugandan Minister of Defence, Crispus Kiyonga, facilitator of this dialogue said, the meeting of Heads of States and Governments, should in principle return to Kampala on Monday.

Until the facilitator convenes a meeting of sharing their views and plenary, delegates of the Kinshasa government and the M23 are hoping that this week will see intense work begins.

These negotiators should focus on the two reports they filed with the facilitation, on the first item on the agenda. It is on the evaluation of the agreement of 23 March 2009.

This agreement was signed between the Congolese government and the National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP) from which the M23 emerged.



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