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DRC Army Accepts Defeat
Published on 20-11-2012 - at 04:46'

Latest reports from DRC indicate that the Congolese army units have conceded defeat to M23 Rebels who have firmly taken control of Goma city.

The Rebels are said to have taken the Boarder with Rwanda without any shot. Congolese army say they lost the war.

Celebrations are ongoing in Gisenyi Town and Goma city.

This Tuesday Morning, the M23 rebels Attacked in two Columns from Sake capturing Goma Airport and later moving on to seize boarder post with Rwanda.

The Congolese army which was commanded by General Masunzu has reportedly fled. Many FARDC units are said to have removed their uniforms and disappeared.

During the hightened fighting today, two Rwandans were shot and later died in hospital. They have been identified as Uwilingiyimana Claude 22 and Ngarukiye Innocent 36.

Eight were reportedly injured and are currently being attended to in at health centers in Gisenyi.



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