Made in Rwanda Expo: Rwandan exhibits electric locomotive

On 4 December 2017 at 04:35

As the 2017 Made in Rwanda Expo continues, a Rwandan electrical engineer, Kabanguka Bon Kalinda is taking innovation to new heights as he is exhibiting an electric motor cycle.

Dubbed ‘Na sisi Kwasisi’ (Nakwa), Kalinda says the motor is among solutions for climate change as it doesn’t pollute the air like other locomotives.

Speaking to IGIHE at Gikondo Expo Ground, Kalinda said that his invented engine uses electrical power, unlike others that use fuel and pollute the environment.

He says that Nakwa can run 40 kilometers per hour and one fully charged battery can run for between 50 to 120 kilometers.

“It depends on the load and the nature of the road, where you descend or ascend the time and consumption can increase or reduce,” he said.

Based on his experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, Kalinda affirms that his locomotive is well operationalized and standardized.

“In secondary schools I studied ‘Industrial Mechanics’ in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), then I went to Canada to study ‘Power Engineering’. After completing my studies I got an idea to go back in my country with this innovation which I think would contribute to my country’s development,” he told IGIHE.

The Rwf1.8 million worth carrier, he said can transport a load of one tone.

“I will cut the price when I get support from government. I request them to remove tax on different materials that I buy from outside the country,” he said.

Kalinda said that he will keep improving his bicycle to be able to compete with motorcycles and existing bicycles on the market as he affirms that it is durable and environment friendly.