Magufuli blames leaders’ laxity for country’s woes

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On 29 April 2017 saa 04:30
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The ongoing problems in the country that involve recruiting of workers with fake certificates and payments to ghost workers have been increasing in recent years, due to the presence of irresponsible political and other leaders in offices, President John Magufuli said, yesterday.

The Head of State said political and other leaders were the main root of the ongoing problems that have forced the fifth phase government to take austerity measures in many areas of the economy including conducting thorough certificates verification exercise across the country.

President Magufuli was speaking after receiving a report on public servants certificates verification. The report was handed to the Head of State by the Minister of State in the President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance), Ms Angellah Kairuki.

The Head of State said leaders contributed greatly to the problems since they failed to act on time and allowed dishonest people to penetrate and appear on the government pay list. “We (leaders) are the root cause of all these problems.

We created them because some of us were not responsible in executing our duties,” said President Magufuli. He said that some leaders failed to fulfil their responsibilities and allowed ‘thieves’ to appear in the government payroll.

“I fail to understand, why some of the leaders failed to identify these people, why did they wait for Minister Joyce Ndalichako and Angellah Kairuki to reveal this,” he noted. President Magufuli said he is not intending to discuss past events, but he will not hesitate to mention the wrongdoings that have led the country into big troubles and misuses of taxpayers’ money.

“I understand that it is not a good thing to discuss past leaders, but at least we must discuss their wrongdoings so that we can avoid committing same mistakes,” he said.

He added that the government has been losing revenue at the Dar es Salaam Port, in the mining sector and other potential areas due to poor leadership.

In December, 2015, it was revealed that a network of corrupt public servants, politicians and businessmen were directly responsible for the rot at the country’s main port.

A study by the World Bank estimated that corruption cartels and general inefficiency at the Port were fleecing government of revenue estimated at 345bn/- (157m US dollars) annually.

The situation forced President Magufuli and Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa to conduct impromptu visits to the Port. It was revealed that some officials had turned the port into a cash cow, receiving millions of shillings in direct benefit and also openly soliciting for contributions to turn a blind eye on the looting.

It was exposed that more than 2,700 containers were cleared without due taxes being collected; in the course denying the government a reported 80 billion/- taxes.

Yesterday, the Head of State reiterated that leaders were behind the ongoing problems in the country. However, he assured the public that his government will stand firm to fight any kind of criminality within its systems and make sure every ‘mwananchi’ is served as required.

Source:Daily News