Magufuli effects mini-reshuffle

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On 24 March 2017 saa 09:58
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President John Magufuli yesterday effected mini-reshuffle of the cabinet, dropping the Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Minister, Mr Nape Nnauye, whom he replaced with Dr Harrison Mwakyembe.

President Magufuli also appointed Prof Palamagamba Kabudi to take over from Dr Mwakyembe as Constitution and Legal Affairs Minister.

Director of the Presidential Communications Unit Gerson Msigwa said in a statement in the city yesterday two newly appointed ministers will be sworn in today at the State House.

Mr Nnauye thanked the president for giving him an opportunity in the cabinet and asked Tanzanians to support the head of state in his initiatives to build the new nation.

Addressing the media aboard his vehicle outside St Peter’s Church at Oysterbay after the police reportedly cancelled his scheduled press conference at Protea hotel, Mr Nnauye particularly commended Dr Mwakyembe for the appointment, asking the media fraternity and Tanzanians to accord him the support he needs to perform his new duties.

The mini-reshuffle has come just a day after Mr Nnauye was given a report by the team he had formed to investigate allegations against Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda on the invasion of a local radio station.

The former minister had pledged to hand over the report to the Head of State for appropriate action, saying the report and subsequent actions will give a lesson to politicians bent on abusing their boundaries of duty.

Source:Daily News