Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda offers scholarships to Rwandan students

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On 20 September 2016 saa 04:53
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Mahatma Gandhi University (MGUR) offered various scholarships to local students, from fifty percent (50%) to 100% percent coverage of any undergraduate programs as part of Dr. Rajan Chopra’s "access to education" initiatives to local residents, especially women and the disadvantaged students.

The Honorable Senator, Professor Nkusi Laurent --- member of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Human Rights and Petition at the Rwanda Parliament --- offered his support to the scholarship program by chairing the panel that interviewed prospective scholars. Prominent persons from Kigali were at hand to help screen the applicants, Atma Prakash and Shweta Uppadhyay.

Dr. Varun Gupta, MGU Rwanda Director, said: "We are proud to continue providing scholarships to undergraduate students from various Districts and are extremely pleased to be able to help even more individuals pursue their higher education goals."

Dr. Rajan Chopra, MGU Chancellor and Founder of the University, offered various scholarship programs during the launch of "one laptop per student" event last August 3, 2016. Since establishing various institutions in India and in various parts of the world, Dr. Chopra’s personal motto has been "to educate those who have the desire to transform their lives." Through his personal initiatives, various scholarships programs have been awarded in the past especially to women and the disadvantaged people.

Dr. Vince Sinining, MGU Rwanda Vice-Chancellor and Provost, conducted a special seminar to prospective scholars on "Effective Study Skills on Online and Distance Learning programs." During the seminar, various motivational videos and success stories were also presented. He said: "Online and Distance learning mode of pursuing a higher education is still misunderstood by many. It is necessary to educate our young talented men and women on the value of self-guided instruction and learning, and the ability to exploit the vast resources now available online — from unlimited ebooks, journals, to video-led instructions from prominent professors around the world. Imagine one can sit in the luxury of their homes, and listen to lectures by Professors from Harvard, MIT, Yale, and Columbia?

“This kind of opportunities never existed before. I spent an enormous amount of money and time to attend many lectures from these Ivy League universities when I was in the United States. Now, anyone can have access to the lectures of these renowned scholars— for free — by watching online videos of their lectures. Coursera, a free online learning web portal, is a leading provider of excellent lectures from these highly respected professors, and I told the participants, every day, I spend an average of 3 hours listening to Coursera lectures. At Mahatma Gandhi University, we "learn as if we live forever."

Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda is also hosting series of free seminars, workshops, and training programs such as: (a) InterAct - a series of open discussion on Global Issues with Distinguished Ambassadors and Global Leaders, (b) Open Forum with Distinguished Scholars, ( c) Diplomatic Training - a series of intensive training for young diplomats and foreign service officers (by invitation only), (d) Capacity-Building Programs. For more information, email at [email protected]