Maize farmers Expect High Yields Under Land Consolidation

Published by IGIHE
On 23 January 2013 saa 03:52
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The Ministry of Agriculture has embarked on Program aiming at cultivating Maize on consolidated land so that the harvest could be increased.

It was noted that farmers in areas that have started to cultivate on consolidated land are anticipating large yields of maize during the harvest season A of 2013.

Farmers in Gisagara District are saying that they expect high yields compared to last year despite fearing that there would be a market problem.

Gakenke District also is expecting high yields. Earlier this month Janvier Bisengimana the executive secretary of Busengo sector in Gakenke District confirmed to media that farmers that grew maize under land Use Consolidation Program on 1115 hectares of land will harvest more than 4,200 tons of maize compared to the last year’s production of 850 tons.

The good production anticipated is all due to the understanding of people who were thoroughly sensitized on the advantages of Land Use Consolidation program and to farm selected crops where they all grew maize on a large scale.

The only hindrance to these farmers is the storage facilities where farmers can keep the produce to sale at a stable market price in future.