Male inmates in Nyarugenge prison relocated, 44 remain

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 13 February 2017 saa 10:39
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The relocation of inmates from Nyarugenge prison known as 1930 started on Saturday where 3000 inmates were expected to be relocated to the newly constructed prison at Mageragere.

Following the relocation, the spokesperson of RCS, CIP Sengabo Hillary has told IGIHE that few among the total of 3,000 male inmates to be relocated to Mageragere are remaining at Nyarugenge prison.

“We have relocated all male inmates. We want to relocate 17 of remaining women and children to Nyagatare prison. Some 44 inmates have been left at 1930 to help with kitchen work,” he said.

He explained that 536 women remaining in 1930 may be relocated to Musanze prison.

“We are to relocate women after getting prepared. The prisons under preparation for accommodating 1930 inmates include Ngoma, Nyamagabe but we have an idea of relocating women to Musanze prison after transferring men from the latter to Rubavu prison. It is still under discussion. If it goes into force, we will have three prisons for female inmates,” he said.

Mageragere prison has the capacity of accommodating 9000 inmates. The latter is supposed to accommodate 3000 male inmates from 1930 and 5500 inmates from Gasabo prison.

RCS plans to relocate inmates from Nyarugenge and Kimironko prisons not later than August 2017.

Nyarugenge prison (1930) is the oldest in Rwanda. It was built under colonial rule.

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Inmates being relocated to Mageragere on Saturday.