Man arrested for burying son alive

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On 5 October 2016 saa 03:19
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A 39-year old man has been arrested at Aduku Sub-county in Apac District for allegedly burying his five year old son alive.

LIRA. A 39-year old man has been arrested at Aduku Police station in Apac District for allegedly burying his five year old son alive.

The suspect is said to have buried his son Lazarus Ogwal in an anthill to keep the child away from his nagging stepmother who had allegedly threatened to kill him.

Mr Tom Olomo, a resident of Akwon village, Ongoceng parish in Aduku Sub-county was arrested on Tuesday with his wife, Ms Santa Adero, aged 59 years.

The child was discovered by a group of women who were heading to the garden Tuesday morning. It is said that they heard a child crying in a nearby bush, and when they looked around, they saw a child in an anthill.

Upon removal, the child was still alive, but looked feeble, malnourished and his skin had begun to look like the soil of an anthill.

The matter was then reported to the LC1 of Akwon village, Mr Boniface Opoo, who informed police.

According to the police statement, the suspect confessed that he put his son in a pit six days ago, to save him from his new wife Adero who had warned that she did not want to see any child at their home, since she was childless.

It is said that Mr Olomo’s first wife, Ms Dorcus Acen, deserted the family in January this year to get married to another man in Chawente Sub-county, Apac District.

“I have been living a single life with our son until last month when I got another wife called Santa Adero, but she has been complaining that she doesn’t want the child of another woman living at our home,” Mr Olomo said.

He noted that when his new wife had just started complaining, he used to take the child and hide him in the bush whenever he was leaving home, because he feared the child could be harmed.

The officer in charge Child and Family Protection Unit at Aduku Police Station, Ms Ketty Oroma, confirmed the arrest, adding that the suspects would be transferred to Apac Central Police Station on Wednesday and charged with attempted murder.

In August this year, police in Amolatar District arrested a 50-year-old man for burying his wife alive following a domestic brawl.

The suspect reportedly stabbed his wife Ms Betty Apio with a kitchen knife several times, to ascertain she was dead before tucking her away in a pit.

Mr John Bosco Okwir, a resident of Ader village in Omito parish, Adyel Division in Lira Municipality, reportedly first tried to strangle Ms Apio. After squeezing her throat for some time and realising she was not dying, he then picked a knife and stabbed her several times before burying her.