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Man collapses dead in Muhima
Published on 21-08-2016 - at 13:23' by IGIHE

A young man’s dead body was yesterday found in Muhima sector of Kigali city in a locality known as Marathon. The deceased was identified as Kizungu originating from Nyamasheke district in Western Province.

Some witness knowing the young man told press that the deceased was a porter.
“I met Kizungu in the morning as I was going for work. He asked me to buy porridge as he felt hungry. Other guys joined me to give him porridge. After leaving the place I was soon informed that Kizungu is dead,” said one resident.

“We saw him alive in the morning. As he walked he collapsed dead,” said another resident.

Some other residents have said Kizungu was suffering from epilepsy while others said he used to take much alcohol.

An ambulance which came to intervene after his collapse found him dead on arrival.
The spokesperson of Police in Kigali city, SP Hitayezu Emmanuel has told IGIHE that proper identity of the deceased has not yet been established.



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