Media owners, experts push for paid content policy

On 8 November 2017 at 04:32

Media house owners and media experts have called for development of a policy that would determine how media consumers would pay for content the same way they pay for other services.

The call was made yesterday in the Rwanda Media Dialogue and the celebration of Africa Day of Information in Kigali.

Recently, the Rwandan based TV station, Royal TV was closed and owners claimed financial constraints.

Different media houses; print and online were closed at different times all citing financial constraints.

In the discussion on the development of African media in ICT-led World, The Chief Executive Officer of Radio1 and TV1, Charles Kakooza Nkuriza said that without the government’s intervention many media houses would close.

“If nothing is done in the next three years, many media houses especially TVs will close, private sector itself could not finance our media,” he said.

The Executive Secretary for Rwanda Media Commission (RMC), Emmanuel Mugisha said that though Rwanda’s private sector is not well versed with the role of advertisement, a way through which media could generate revenues.

He said that they should think about how media consumers would pay for content the same way they do on other services and commodities

“News is available, but not valued. People listen to the radio, read online and watch TV free of charge. We should fund a way of attracting more advertisements and revenues” he said

Journalism lecturer at the University of Rwanda, School of Journalism, Dr. Christopher Kayumba said that content selling is practiced in North-European countries.