Media should report the wrongs—Kaboneka

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 8 November 2016 saa 06:21
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The Minister of Local Government (MINALOC), Francis Kaboneka has assured journalists that it is in order to report whatever is going wrong in Rwanda explaining that when the media mirrors what is going wrong, it creates room for improvement other than basking into complacence.

The minister made the remark yesterday during the celebration of Africa Information Day which also saw the launch of the 8th National Media Dialogue in Rwanda.

Kaboneka lauded Impamyabigwi (journalists having attended civic education) for media reporting that is bearing fruits benefiting all Rwandans and assured them to go ahead with reporting poor performance regardless of the pressure.

“Some people have problems with journalists depicting what is not going well.

Reporting what is going wrong with a good intention is supported by people. Keep it up. We would rather blame you if you don’t point what is going wrong and propose solutions. Doing so is reasonable. On the other hand it would be bad when you report with an intention of destroying what has been achieved,” he said.

Kaboneka explained that a survey carried out by Rwanda Governance Board indicated 8.9% media growth over the past three years which is a good indicator.

The survey was carried out among a sample size of 3000 people across the country with respondents that included journalists, business people, non-governmental organizations and civil society entities.

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The Minister of Local Government (MINALOC), Francis Kaboneka