Mahatma Gandhi University hails president Kagame’s visit to India

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On 11 January 2017 saa 09:55
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Dr. Rajan Chopra, the Chancellor and Founder of Mahatma Gandhi University (MGUR) has reiterated the strong relationship between Rwanda and India, the productive bilateral meeting with Honorable Prime Minister Narender Modi during the Global Summit, and the continued support to the many Indian investors in Rwanda. Business executives in India expressed readiness in their engagement with Rwanda during the Global Business Forum.

His Excellency, President Kagame is accorded with high respect at the Global Summit being the “Guest of Honor” and delivered an encouraging opening statement at the summit.

Dr. Chopra said, “As one of the leading investors from India with the establishment of Mahatma Gandhi University in Rwanda in 2014, I extend my personal commitment and continued support to President Kagame’s efforts in the socio-economic development of the nation towards accomplishing his Vision 2020. I have continued faith in President Kagame’s development program and will strengthen our efforts in turning MGU Rwanda into not only becoming a Center of Excellence in the use of technology in online education but as well as in providing skills-based training programs to Rwandans to fill in the skills gaps within the core workforce of the government and of the society.”

Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda has recently been admitted as the first Rwandan University to become an affiliate member of the UNCTAD Virtual Institute along with many of its recent accreditation and memberships to international organizations. Dr. Rajan Chopra is also scheduled to speak at the upcoming ASPA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia USA this coming March.

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President Paul Kaagame with India’s Prime Minister.