Minecofin to follow up ghost teachers

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 7 February 2017 saa 08:38
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The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) has unveiled a plan to investigate the case of ghost teachers who have been receiving monthly remunerations in Nyagatare district.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning,Amb. Claver Gatete noted this yesterday as he appeared before the parliamentary commission in charge of social welfare to explain mismanagement of employees’ cases raised in the Public Service Commission.

MP, Mukarugema Alphonsine, the vice president of parliamentary commission in charge of social welfare raised concerns on how it happened that ghost teachers found their way on payroll.

“Among people with whom we held discussions, the worst problem was realized in Nyagatare which recorded the largest number of paid ghost teachers. Rwanda Education Board explained that ‘we release the list of teachers in the annual budget along with their payment list’. Both lists should complement. But when you look back you find some teachers on the list of paid teachers without working. We ask it to make you aware of the matter. How do things go wrong?” she wondered.

Minister Gatete said they are going to follow up the matter and seek whether it has not expanded to other districts to punish culprits.

“We have limited budget to execute various activities. When it comes to one Franc lost in malpractices, we act. In this case we can’t wait for the report of the Auditor General. We are following it up as soon as we leave here,” he said.

The 2015 -2016 Public Service Commission report presented to parliamentarians on 26th January 2017 revealed that Nyagatare district employed 1590 teachers but 1719 teachers receive the salary creating a difference of 129 ghost teachers non-existing personnel.

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The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning,Amb. Claver Gatete.