MINIJUST disputes research results

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 4 March 2017 saa 02:06
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The Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST) has questioned recent research results of Legal Aid Forum (LAF) which indicated that 61.5% of Rwandans are not satisfied with how community mediators resolve conflicts.

Odette Yankurije, the head of Access to Justice Department at MINIJUST has told IGIHE that they dispute the research results because they don’t reflect what other institutions established in their research.

“We don’t accept the research outcomes because reports from Rwanda Governance Board indicate that the body of community mediators is elected by citizens and satisfied with its activities beyond 75%. We don’t know what their research based on but we will sit with them to receive explanations on where these statistics came from and the sample size,” she said.

Yankurije explained that USAID research in 2012 had also indicated that citizens are satisfied beyond 75% on the performance of community mediators.

Commenting on reports of LAF that community mediators are corrupt,Yankurije said that only 10 of 1800 mediators were held identified in corruption cases and dismissed immediately.

The research presented on Thursday was carried out in 30 districts countrywide taking the sample of 5 503 from each district.

The research assessed citizens’ access to fair justice, justice services decentralization, awareness on existence of judicial assistance and its reach.

It also analyzed how conflicts are resolved by courts and community mediators, execution of court judgments and citizens’ awareness of their rights.

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Odette Yankurije, the head of Access to Justice Department at MINIJUST.