Minister Nyirasafari calls for responsible parenting

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 8 November 2016 saa 11:13
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The Minister of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF), Esperance Nyirasafari has warned parents hiding in the guise of being Christians and disregard their duties of properly upbringing their children, letting them roam on the streets, reminding them to wholly take on their parental responsibilities.

She made the warning yesterday in Ruhango district as she attended launch of the annual ADEPR family week during which the church directs efforts on teaching family values, avoiding conflicts, empowering the poor, sensitizing masses on hygiene and avoiding polygamy among others.

Nyirasafari lauded ADEPR for its role in building Rwandan society, noting however, that some parents have disregarded parenting duties of properly upbringing their children.

“When you see children on the streets and ask people who they belong to, you may realize most of them being children of Christian parents. It is shameful to hear people calling themselves Christians yet their children are scattered on the streets,” she said.
Minister Nyirasafari explained that the government is working towards ensuring that there are no street children in the country.

“We target to remove all children on the streets; but it requires parents’ support. We have implemented a plan of punishing parents neglecting children,” she said.

The spokesperson of ADEPR in Rwanda, Bishop Jean Sibomana said that the family week is being held for the 3rd time and is bearing fruits.

“The church prepared courses for young men and girls readying them to build a better society. Such lessons have started bearing positive outcomes,” he said.

Bishop Sibomana explained that during the Family Week, ADEPR organizes activities meant to fight against polygamy, mobilizing families on legalizing marriages and supporting poor families.

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Minister Nyirasafari