Ministry of Justice to address incomplete dossier challenges

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On 19 July 2017 saa 06:14
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The Attorney General and Minister of Justice has today assured the inmates without complete dossiers that the problem is going to be addressed in a special way.

The minister made the promise in Huye yesterday during the commemoration of international day for rights of the inmates under the Mandela Day.

Celebrated in Rwanda for the first time, it was marked under the theme; “Respecting the rights of an inmate,”. Mandela Day, celebrated on July 18, is an annual international day adopted by the United Nations.

Commenting on the issue, one of the inmates who represented others within Huye prison told Minister Busingye that there are many inmates with incomplete files. He said that those who have ever been detained at the former communes requested that there should be urgent investigations , so as to indicate the dates as to when they were detained, so that those who have served their time can be set free.

Busingye promised to address the issue squarely. “Everybody will be having a complete file; if there happens to be those kept here, others at CNLG, Gasabo or at the commune; we are going to collect all of them together.” Busingye promised.