Mobisol and MTN celebrate 1000th Solar home system installation

Published by Kalinda Brendah
On 28 August 2014 saa 06:10
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Mobisol Company and MTN Rwanda have celebrated the 1000th solar home system installation in Abajambo Orphanage located in Bugesera District of the Eastern Province. To date 1000 homes in Eastern Province have already benefited from MTN, Mobisol partnership

The event which brought together employees from both companies and Government officials took place on Wednesday 27th March 2014

Mobisol is a company that facilitates residents to get solar energy, and it has been operating in Rwanda for 8 months and currently operating in the Eastern province.

Speaking to IGIHE, Klaus Maier, Mobisol project manager in Rwanda explains why the celebration was held in Abajambo Orphanage.

Maier said”We wanted to install the solar system electricity in their houses in order to facilitate them catering for the children when EWSA energy is off.”

“We are reaching to our expectations, within the short time we have started operating in Rwanda we have worked with more than 1000 houses and it is what we are celebrating today” he added.

Speaking at the celebration MTN CEO Ebenezer Asante uses the bible verses to describe this act.
Asante said ”If you do often read the bible, in Genesis when God was creating, He said let there be light and light was made, it is in that sense that Mobisol said let there be light in Rwanda and here they are to make it happen. As MTN we are so happy for the long lasting partnership we have with Mobisol”

He added that “We are not interested in our profits as a telecommunication company instead we are looking forward for the development of the Rwandan society at large.”

Jules Ndenga in charge of planning policy in the ministry of Infrastructure in his speech said that the leaders will not provide everything to the society instead it will pave away for its people leading to the development thus Mobisol.

Orphans and Nuns in ABAJAMBO orphanage were extremely happy and very thankful to the district of Bugesera, MTN and Mobisol for thinking about them.

The head of abajambo Marie Immaculee wished the blessing to the above mentioned supporters.

“God bless you abundantly.” Immaculee said joyfully

Besides having provided the solar system energy, Mobisol also provided employment to 70 people in Rwanda. It also have branches in other African countries like Kenya, and Tanzania.

Masumbuka J.Bosco who was the 1st to buy Mobisol system said ”I live in Kanazi far from town, I would spend 3 days without charging my phone, pupils wouldn’t be able to revise due to electricity problem but since Mobisol came, we now watch news, listen to radio, our pupils revise and our life changed. I would encourage all other Rwandans who have the same problems as we had to use mobisol, it is a good system and affordable to everyone”.