Modern Markets to promote security and development

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On 4 September 2016 saa 12:04
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The Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Dr Diane Gashumba has said that modern markets are meant to promote public order, security, welfare of the people and fast-tracks national development.

She made the remarks on September 3 as she presided over the inauguration of a newly constructed modern market for former street vendors, in Nyabugogo, Nyarugenge District.

The market worth Rwf192 million was constructed by the City of Kigali in partnership with other stakeholders including government ministries, security organs and the private sector.

Most of the occupants in the new market, which has the capacity of sheltering 3200 traders, are women.

“This market comes as a solution to security issues that were caused or likely to be caused by street hawking like public disorder,” Minister Gashumba said as she referred to situations where a vendors may ram into a speeding car while scrambling for clients.

“There is no way your business can grow when you are on the streets…in this new market you are all credit-worthy which is a realization of President Paul Kagame strategy to have at least 50 percent women have access to financial facilitation by 2017,” she added.

“Remember that maintaining security isn’t the responsibility of the police and other security agencies alone, it starts with you"

She told them that they have been empowered as strong partners in policing and must work closely with security organs in particular security agents that have been brought closer to them, to keep their market safe.

Speaking at the event, the Mayor of City of Kigali Monique Mukaruliza detailed the partnership between CoK and RNP in promoting security and hygiene and went on to say that “Nyabugogo Modern Market was constructed to promote legal trade and ensure public order in the city.”

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Emmanuel K. Gasana said: “Street vending was posing security challenges, disorder and an obstacle to the development in our city, which we must be jointly stop.”

He linked the inaugurated market with the ongoing security and hygiene campaign championed byCity of Kigali and Rwanda National Police, urging occupants to ensure they keep the market clean at all times.

“This market comes as a vision realized and as per the Head of State’s guidance, it’s our responsibility to find solutions to problems affecting us as Rwandans…this market comes as one of the solutions that wholesomely develop Rwandans,” the Police Chief said.

He emphasised the need to organise and operate in cooperatives saying that it’s the easiest way they can garner more financial support and fast business growth.

Daniel Byishimo the coordinator of the market thanked several institutions that put efforts together to realize that the market is constructed and give hope to former street vendors.

The market was constructed following a mini census which indicated that there were 8300 street vendors in the City of Kigali, with over 5000 of them operating in Nyarugenge.

As a result, 12 markets have so far been constructed in different parts of the town to help vendors get off the streets and operate in an organized manners.

Those operating in newly inaugurated market were exempted from taxes and rent for a period of one year.

They would have paid about Rwf410million, if it wasn’t for the grace period.