More anti-crime clubs created in Rutsiro, Nyaruguru

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On 6 September 2016 saa 01:11
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More five anti-crime clubs have been created in various schools in Rutsiro and Nyaruguru districts as part of the Rwanda National Police (RNP) continued effort to build strong community policing structures in schools especially to address issues related to drug abuse, school drop outs and unwanted pregnancies among the teenagers.

The clubs were established on September 5 when police conducted separate awareness campaigns against crimes in the schools.

Three clubs were created in Syiki, Gihinga and Murama secondary school in Rutsiro while two others were formed in Saint Laurent in Nyaruguru.

Their focus will include raising awareness against drug abuse and gender based violence within their respective schools, families and communities, according to police.

Jean Claude Imanizabayo, who was elected as the coordinator of the club in Syiki, said they will strive to make a difference through discussions and debates.

“Whatever affects us as the youth affects the country as well; we need to raise our voice as the youth to fight and prevent anything that can impede security and development,” Imanizabayo said.

“Through this platform, we will exchange ideas, get to know out colleagues that could be involved in unlawful acts of drug abuse, counsel them where possible, and raise awareness against crimes in general,” he added.

He said they intend also to extend their campaigns to the neighbouring communities to prevent those who could target their school as the market for their illicit drugs and narcotics in particular.

This brings the number of anti-crime clubs in Rutsiro to 16, with 14 of them in schools.

Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) John Bosco Mugenzi, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) of Rutsiro, thanked the students for taking a step to address challenges they face as the youth and urged them to stay focused to their education.

In Saint Laurent, the DCLO of Nyaruguru, AIP Peter Gakomeye echoed the same message adding that the youth have the power for mindset change among their fellow generation and urged them to break silence on anything illegal.

Creation of anti-crime clubs is one of the strategies through which RNP maintains partnership with the youth in fighting and preventing crimes.

At least over 1500 anti-crime clubs have been formed across the country.