Morocco opens embassy in Rwanda

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 20 October 2016 saa 05:35
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The Kingdom of Morocco has officially opened embassy in Rwanda and appointed the ambassador in charge, a move aimed at strengthening bilateral political and economic cooperation.

Yesterday Rwanda and Morocco signed 19 agreements including some related to improving cooperation by Ministers of Foreign Affairs of both countries.

In an exclusive interview with IGIHE, the Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Louise Mushikiwabo said that the new ambassador of Morocco presented credential letters two days ago ,a process that will be completed after handing the said credentials to president Paul Kagame.

“Morocco has opened an embassy here. The ambassador is present and is set to start duties. During talks between heads of both countries, Rwanda has also informed Morocco that it is going to open an embassy in Morocco,” she said.

Minister Mushikiwabo has explained that the cooperation between the two countries shall positively impact investment and promoting tourism.

“ Such agreements will greatly facilitate business people ,investors especially Rwandans and Moroccans in need of visiting each of the two countries,” she said.

Both countries have also signed agreements in air travel.

“ We have agreed to establish legal procedures accepted by both countries of opening the spaces for air travel from each country,” said Mushikiwabo.

Rwanda and Morocco have also agreed on easing application and acquisition of Visa.

The three days visit of King Mohammed VI to the East African region will see King Mohammed visit Tanzania and Ethiopia as well.The envoy of Morocco’s foreign affairs minister, Nasser Bourita told the media that the visit of King Mohammed VI aims at improving relations with East Africa region especially Rwanda.