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Morocco seeks return to African Union
Published on 18-07-2016 - at 09:27' by Théophile Niyitegeka

The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI has said that time has come for his country to return to the AU, a decision he announced yesterday during the session of heads of states in the 27th summit of AU in Kigali.

Morocco left African Union in 1984 after AU had accepted Sahara Republic as a separate, independent country seceding from Morocco.

The decision was taken during the reign of King Hassan II, the father of Mohammed VI who is the current leader of Morocco.

Sahara Republic was established by a Polisario, a political party striving for the independence of Sahara and Rio de Oro from Morocco.

Talking to the desire to return to African Union, King Mohammed VI stressed the word ‘the time has come’ revealing the willingness to rejoin AU after 32 years.

He recalled historical events which made Morocco leave AU and noted that times has come to put divisionism aside.

“It is time to set aside all divisionism related matters,” he said.

The return of Morocco to African Union will see the number of member states raised from 54 to 55.

Commenting on the Republic of Sahara which prompted the sudden departure of Morocco from African Union, King Mohammed VI said that Africa should not be characterized by historical faults that existed.

Morocco will be welcomed after the confirmation of African Union Commission which will have to vote for the approval of the decision.

President Paul Kagame on June 20th 2016 visited Morocco where he held talks with The King of Morocco Mohammed VI. It was said that the visit aimed at convincing Morocco to return to African Union.

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The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI



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