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Mother of Two Arrested over Abortion
Published on 16-01-2013 - at 04:36'

Police in Rulindo District has arrested a 30-year old woman suspected to have aborted a seven-month fetus.

Josianne Uwingeneye, a resident of Gasekabuye Cell, Cyinzuzi Sector in Rulindo District, is alleged to have aborted; apparently after the would-be the father denied responsibility of the pregnancy.

She is currently detained at Murambi Police Station.

Her arrest followed a tip-off from area residents, who notified local authorities in the area. On January 14, at about 1:00pm, an area resident called the sector Executive Secretary, after they saw the suspect in normal conditions and without the pregnancy, police said.

Uwingeneye, mother of two, was later arrested after the Executive Sectary notified police. The two of his children have different fathers.

She admitted to the crime, but said that she had no means of taking care of the pregnancy since the person responsible for the pregnancy had denied responsibility.

Supt. Johnson Ntaganda, Rulindo District Police Commandant, said albeit cases of abortion are very few in the district, there are various measures initiated to “deal with even the few cases” such as sensitization and dealing with things that cause unwanted pregnancies such as drug abuse.




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