Motorcyclist intercepted trafficking narcotics

Published by Police
On 3 November 2016 saa 01:03
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Police in Kamonyi, on November 1, seized about 15 kilogrammes of cannabis which were being trafficked by a commercial motorcyclist.

Police spokesperson for the Southern Province, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) André Hakizimana said the motorcyclist was intercepted in Karengera cell, Musambira Sector in the hours of Monday morning.

The motorcycle RB 228 L has since been impounded as well, he added.

“We had received information that the suspect was riding from Kigali to Musambira, but he tried to use feeder roads to beat security but we worked with motorcyclists to trace and trail him but he managed to escape leaving the motorcycle and the narcotics behind. We have already identified him and we are now tracing his whereabouts to bring him to justice,” CIP Hakizimana said.

Motorcyclists are said to be among either facilitators or traffickers of illicit drugs.

He, however, thanked the motorcyclists who facilitated the operation for standing up and being the custodians of the law against colleagues who hide behind their business profession to conduct criminal activities.

“We are now in a mass campaign to break the supply chain of drug traffickers and we are happy that the general public has owned this programme by providing information on the dealers,” he said.