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Motorcyclists and cyclists in Rutsiro, Rwamagana and Nyanza reminded of their community policing role
Published on 14-07-2016 - at 01:18' by Police

Commercial motorcyclists and cyclists in Rwamagana, Rutsiro and Nyanza districts have been called upon to up their partnership with Rwanda National Police (RNP) through community oriented policing to fight and prevent crimes.

They were also urged to be vigilant not to facilitate criminality or hide behind the transport business to commit crimes.

The call was made during separate meetings between Police and the motorcyclists in the three districts on July 12.

In Rutsiro, the District Police Commander, Superintendent of Police (SP) Boniface Kagenza, while speaking to over 200 motorcyclists operating in Gihango and Kayove sector, said “fighting crimes starts from an individual by refraining from anything unlawful.”

“There are cases where some of your colleagues have been arrested or implicated in unlawful acts like transporting smugglers, smuggled goods, illicit drugs and suspected thieves. That should stop and put internal measures to identify colleagues who tarnish the image of your profession,” Supt. Kagenza said.

Motorcyclists have been accused of facilitating drug dealers by charging them slightly higher pay to transport narcotics, illicit gin especially Kanyanga and chief waragi and other smuggled goods.

He urged them to report such wrongdoers that attempt to use them.

He further appealed to them to value their lives while on roads by respecting traffic rules while avoiding speeding, bad maneuvers and wear helmets.

In Rwamagana, the DPC Superintendent of Police (SP) Edward Kizza met with about 200 commercial cyclists and urged them to equally be central in community policing, embrace neighbourhood watch and timely information sharing on anyone or anything illegal.

“You should be a security eye where you are operating from; your role in detecting, fighting and preventing crimes is essential and timely information will further add value to the ideal of crime prevention,” Supt. Kizza said.

They cyclists were reminded to specifically fight drug abuse, distance themselves from their colleagues who do or deal in illicit drugs.

The same message was echoed in Nyanza where cyclists were also called upon to be strong partners with police in community policing activities.

During the same meeting in Nyanza, cyclists created an anti-crime club that would help them to put ideas together in raising awareness against crimes.

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DPC Rwamagana speaking to cyclists.



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