Motorcyclists apprehend their own over drug trafficking

Published by Police
On 26 August 2016 saa 01:48
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Commercial motorcyclists in Kirehe District, on August 23, apprehended one of their own whom they allegedly caught trafficking 10 kilogrammes of cannabis.

Emmanuel Habumugisha was intercepted by his colleagues in Nyamugali operating in Nyamugali Sector, who pursued and apprehended him in Kanyabihara Village of Gatarama Cell in Kigina Sector.

Police spokesperson for the Eastern Province, Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi said that Habumugisha was apprehended following information exchange between motorcyclists operating in Kigarama and Nyamugali, before calling police to take over the case.

“Motorcyclists operating in Nyamugali received information from their counterparts operating in Kigarama that one of their colleagues could be transporting cannabis and headed their direction; so the motorcyclists in Nyamugali when they stopped him, he refused but they pursued and intercepted him and immediately called police officers in Nyamugali, who arrived and took over the case,” IP Kayigi said.

Kigarama is one of the sectors in Kirehe where cannabis is still high and used especially as a transit route.

“The suspect was at the time riding with another person, his accomplice, who is actually said to be the owner of the motorcycle who managed to escape leaving his motorcycle behind; they had concealed the 10 kilogrammes of cannabis in a sack and covered it with bananas,” he added

The motorcycle registration number RA 537S, was also impounded and taken to Nyamugali police station , where the suspect is currently detained.

“There is actually a stronger partnership between motorcyclists and police in Kirehe where the former have on several occasions either apprehended or provided information especially on suspected drug dealers,” said Kayigi.

Similar two cases have been reported in Kirehe recently where motorcyclists and a driver apprehended a man and a woman respectively as they attempted to use their transport means to traffic cannabis.

“If we all work together in this similar spirit of partnership showcased by the motorcyclists, we can be very sure that drug dealers will find no route and this will break the supply chain and ultimately ensure a drug free society,” Kayigi noted.