Mpayimana vows to return in 2024, if defeated

Published by IGIHE
On 4 August 2017 saa 10:43
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Independent president aspirant Phillipe Myapiyamana has vowed to return for the 2024 Presidential campaigns if he does not win the 2017 elections.

After voting on Friday during the 2017 Presidential elections from Camp Kigali Primary School in Nyarugenge, independent candidate Mpayimana promised to return if he does not win the 2017 elections.

“I was happy with the way the Rwandan elections were structured, I will accept the outcome of the elections results but then I will have to come back in 2024 if am defeated.”

He noted that even in 2024, he will have the right to stand as a candidate.

“If I lose, I will keep my promise to the people of Rwanda that I will not return to France where I have spent 14 years. I was surprised with the organization of the elections in Rwanda, it was the first time I have voted”

He further said that he was excited to see the citizens very happy jubilating and dancing across the country during the election campaigns.

“I don’t have any doubt, I believe the elections will be free and fair. The outcome will be fair. I have over 100 independent observers countrywide who will inform me about the outcome. I am confident I will win by 50%, I will share the votes with the other candidates.”

Mpayimana further went to express his gratitude to the security organs because he did not face any security hitches during the elections campaigns.