MPs approve Swahili bill as one of official languages

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On 9 February 2017 saa 03:27
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Parliament has approved a bill that considers Swahili as an official language in the country in a move, if passed,that will see Rwanda employing three official languages.

The Minister of Sports and Culture, Uwacu Julienne yesterday presented the Swahilli draft law to parliament where-after it was confirmed.

Uwacu requested parliament to approve the Swahilli draft law as it would facilitate the promotion of the interests of the country in the wider East African Community.

MPs discussed readiness of government to adopt the language and whether the Ministry of Sports and Culture has collaborated well with the Ministry of Education for efficient teaching of the language.

Uwacu explained that incorporating Swahili among official languages will facilitate integration of Rwandans with EAC citizens, ease cross border trade and cooperation.

She explained that Rwanda has been prepared regarding Common EAC passport where the revised budget includes money reserved for the passport.

Minister Uwacu said that more efforts will be put in teaching Swahili in schools and adult literacy.

The 5th article of 2003 Rwanda’s Constitution as amended in 2015 states that the national language is Kinyarwanda while administrative languages are Kinyarwanda, French and English.

The cabinet meeting of 12th December 2016 chaired by President Paul Kagame approved the draft of organic law confirming Swahili as official language.