MPs denounce HRW report, call for its suspension

On 20 October 2017 at 08:11

Members of Parliament and senators have denounced the recently released Human Rights Watch (HRW) report accusing Rwandan security agencies of killing civilians over petty crimes.

They called the government to expel the organization from the country and open a lawsuit against them as the report aimed at destabilizing Rwanda.

Lawmakers were yesterday speaking during a consultative meeting on HRW’s report dubbed ‘All Thieves Must Be Killed’ that was released in July.

The report says that 37 people were killed by Army, Police, Reserve Force and DASSO in Rubavu and Rutsiro Districts of Western Province.

However, the Rwanda Commission for Human Rights denounces the report saying that some individuals pronounced as dead in the report are still alive while others died of
natural causes.

Lawmakers’ Reaction

MP Constance Rwaka Mukayuhi said that endless HRW reports on Rwanda are aimed at weakening the development of the country which should be fought. Senator Gallican Niyongana said that it is disappointing to hear of people pronounced dead yet they are alive and carrying on with normal life, saying they have demonstrated lack of professionalism in their sham activities. HRW should demonstrate professionalism and produce evidence-based reports, he said.

“I wonder whether anouncing a living person as dead leaves any iota of merit in the organization. This is disgusting,” he said.

“The government should examine whether we should renew the working relationship with HRW when they blatantly flout terms and conditions,” he said.

MP Jean Pierre Hindura said that HRW employees are intentionally targeting the President of the Republic and Rwandan security.

“This report was released during the time we were approaching presidential election period; so, I think you understand well their targets,” he said.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Abbas Mukama said that HRW should be expelled from Rwanda because they have demonstrated their inability in more ways than one.
“Let’s expel them. We also expelled BBC and moved on. It is time to end working with HRW,” he insisted.

Parliament will decide on the HRW activities in Rwanda and hand their resolutions to government for action.

Donatille Mukabalisa; Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies
Kenneth Roth, Representatitive of HRW In Rwanda