MTN Rwanda Slashes out-of-bundle Mobile Data Price by 80%

On 1 December 2017 at 06:56

MTN Rwanda has today announced the reduction of its mobile out-of-bundle internet price to RWF10/MB from RWF56/MB, effective November 30th, making this the lowest out-of-bundle rate in Rwanda.

Speaking about the data price reduction, MTN Rwanda CEO, Bart Hofker, said the reduction is part of their strategy of a customer centric approach that must be fair and transparent for all.

“MTN is redefining mobile internet costs for everyone with this new fair and transparent data pricing plan. We now offer the best internet price on the market with or without a bundle.”

“This move is part of an overarching strategy in which we are moving towards a truly customer centric approach. After the launch of MTN (Internet) Irekure, in which we offer personalised super offers to our customers, we are now making it clear that we will not punish our customers for using more data than their bundle allows.

By drastically lowering out-of-bundle prices, we also protect our customers from unpleasant surprises, where in the past large amounts would disappear from main accounts due to, sometimes, accidental and out-of-bundle internet use. All these measures combined, bring the best value for money for mobile internet users in Rwanda,” Hofker says.

“People’s data consumption patterns are changing rapidly and MTN is constantly looking for innovative ways to ensure that our customers’ needs are met.”

The new out-of-bundle pricing of RWF 10/MB, is said to be the lowest in the market. This will further provide some peace of mind to customers using mobile internet, and giving them an affordable and seamless internet experience.