Mucyo replacement process commences

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 22 October 2016 saa 05:04
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The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has announced that elections of the successor of late senator Mucyo Jean de Dieu who died early this month after collapsing at the parliamentary buildings will be held on 1st December, 2016.

Senator Mucyo represented the Southern Province.

NEC had confirmed Mucyo Jean de Dieu as senator on 29th May, 2015 after obtaining 50.3% votes to fill the gap left by senator Jean Damascene Bizimana who replaced him in the National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide (CNLG).

The announcement issued by NEC reads in part; “Receiving applications for a senator representing Southern Province will start from 25th October, 2016 up to 3rd November, 2016.”

Candidates will deposit their applications at the headquarters of NEC in Kimihurura during working hours.

“The candidate has to be Rwandan with good manners, holding at least a PhD degree or equivalent or having served in high government positions or for private investors, without deprivation of marriage or political rights, being at least 40 years old, without having served six or more than six months of sentence,” adds the announcement signed by the president of NEC, Prof Kalisa Mbanda.

The 2010 law guiding elections indicate that senators are 26 including 12 elected according to administrative entities where Northern Province has two representatives Southern ,Western and Eastern Provinces with three representatives each while Kigali city is accorded one place.

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Late senator Mucyo Jean de Dieu