Mugesera Refuses to Listen to his 1992 Speech

Published by IGIHE Reporter
On 14 February 2013 saa 02:52
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Genocide suspect Leon Mugesera has today told court that he was unable to continue with proceedings saying he was sick.

Court had today ready to re-play the original voice recording of his 1992 speech.

Earlier Mugesera had demanded that court produces the original speech in possession with state broadcaster ORINFOR arguing the one court had was not authentic.

The hearing was adjourned to Friday at 8:30 AM.

Court inquired from Mugesera three times whether the speech could be played during the hearing.

However, Mugesera quickly claimed he was sick when court was about to start playing the Speech.

Iam sick. Iam unable to proceed with the hearing… Why are you forcing me in this trial?

If you are sick you should have informed the prisons authorities to process your medical attention at a hospital.

Why did you come here if you knew you were unable to stand trial?

Mugesera had earlier today before the court session opened, told members of the prosecution that he was feeling unwell.

However, court told him that anything that was said out of court couldn’t be taken serious for there are proper procedures to address such an issue.