Mugesera Seeks 48 Days to Study Documents

Published by Dusabemungu Ange De La Victoire
On 20 November 2012 saa 02:50
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Genocide suspect, Leon Mugesera, yesterday requested the High Court to grant him 48 days to study documents concerning his case adding that the days granted to him earlier were not enough.

This is the second time he is requesting for a postponement after initially asking for two months to prepare.

Mugesera also complained to the court about the delay by the Kigali Bar Association to accredit one of his lawyers, Gershom Otachi.

Otachi, who was in court yesterday, told court that he was cleared by the bar association only four days ago.

Mugesera also asked the court to order the prosecution to translate his 40,000-word indictment document as a request by one of his lawyers, Mellisa Kanas.

When he took to the floor, the lead prosecutor who is also the Prosecutor General, Martin Ngoga, requested the court not to grant the adjournment.

He pointed out that the issue before the court is not that Mugesera did not get all the logistical support he requested for but instead he had suspicions on how to use them.