Mugesera trial Postponed Due to Illness

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On 24 January 2013 saa 12:40
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Illness, Wednesday, January 23, made Léon Mugesera to not continue his explanation on Genocide charges before the court.

Mugesera said he will comply with the advice of his doctors.

Before getting ill, the court was getting deeper into the anti-Tutsi speech that Mugesera delivered in 1992 in Kabaya of the former Gisenyi.

The prosecution said this speech is considered as a trigger of the genocide.

In his explanation, Mugesera said the speech is analyzed as a whole in its context and by a reasonable listener adding that the prosecution explicitly omitted certain passages.

He believes that if his speech was seen in the context of 1992, this could avoid a defect in reasoning or any misunderstanding.

“It has been said that the speech was applied April 7, 1994. When I decided, I did not know for example that the plane of Habyarimana would be lowered,” Mugesera said.

Leon Mugesera has also said that he was not an influential member of the MRND, the former ruling party, as stated by the prosecution.

The hearing on the merits of the trial of Mugesera began a year after his extradition because of numerous reports related to procedural issues raised by the accused.