Muhanga man burns in kiln

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 16 September 2016 saa 08:30
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Body remains of a 22 year old man identified as Gakuru Daniel, have been found at a kiln Shyogwe sector of Muhanga district where he is suspected to have been forcefully thrown.

IGIHE has been told by one of the residents that only Gakuru’s legs were found at the kiln in Nyirangari swamp yesterday night.

A resident of Shogwe sector has told IGIHE that owners of the kiln should be questioned about the death.

The executive secretary of Shyogwe sector Vedaste Habinshuti has told IGIHE that he was informed of the incident yesterday as he attended a meeting. “Around 20:15, I was called by the village leader of Karama in Ruli cell informing me that a man has been burnt in the kiln. I thought it is untrue or maybe it was a slight burn on the body,” he said.

He explained that he went with police officers but they only found legs with other parts of the body fully burnt. Two men owning the kiln have said they were not present at the time of the tragedy but are being held by as investigations get underway.