Mukaruliza presents credence to COMESA Secretary General

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On 16 June 2017 saa 12:17
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Mukaruliza Monique, the High Commissioner of Rwanda to the Republic of Zambia and Permanent Representative to COMESA has presented her letters of credence to COMESA Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya.

Her Excellency Mukaruliza has since pledged unwavering commitment as permanent Representative to COMESA in putting her efforts to collaborate with the Secretariat to ensure that COMESA programmes are implemented in Rwanda and other member states by using her experience from the East African Commission (EAC).

“Rwanda is a member of COMESA enjoying the fruits of the various programmes being implemented by COMESA in our country ranging from trade facilitation for cross border trade and Climate change mitigation programmes,” Mukaruliza said.

She said Rwanda believes in the power of regional integration and it’s no wonder programmes like Cross Border Trade facilitation have changed the lives of the citizens of the country adding that it is also one way of increasing intra COMESA region trade.

Rwanda also trades in leather products within the COMESA region as well as other regional economic blocks like EAC where the country is also member.

She appreciated the facilities that COMESA has put in place like the tripartite arrangement among EAC-SADC and COMESA which she said “if implemented shall facilitate the free movement of goods and services, business people as well as free movement of labor across the region and result in accelerated development of the member states as well as the region at large.”

Accepting her letters of credence, Secretary General SindisoNgwenya appreciated the role Rwanda plays in fostering the regional and continental integration agenda sighting many programmes that Rwanda is hosting under COMESA.

The Secretary General made an assurance that the secretariat shall work together with the Permanent Representative to ensure that dreams of the fore father of having a fully integrated Africa be realized by implementing programmes that work towards achieving that goal.

The Secretary General said Rwanda’s economy is flourishing because of the visionary leadership of his excellence Paul Kagame the President of the Republic of Rwanda who has propelled the country from era of genocide to becoming one of the fastest growing economies on the continent.

“We are happy that Rwanda is hosting our Upper Airspace Programme funded by the African Development Bank AfDB called the Communication, Navigation, Satellite and Air Traffic Management Programmes (CNSATM) and shall now start implementation as the just ended Directors of Aviation meeting in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe have agreed on all the aspects of implementation,” Ngwenya said.

He said the COMESA region air space shall become more secure now that programmes is starting the implementation phase which will see COMESA manage its own air space and improve on the management of the upper air space and improve on the safety of the air space through integration with the lower air space.

“Quiet a good number of accidents happen during landing and takeoff and not in the upper air space and its for this reason that your signing of Credentials shall fast-track the implementation of the programme so that as a region our people can start reaping the benefits that comes with it,” He said.

The secretary General also said that COMESA is implementing many trade facilitation programmes that have enabled Small scale cross border traders to trade free with reduced cost of doing business.

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