Mukayisenga was committed to national values

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On 13 June 2017 saa 02:04
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Members of parliament have described fallen fellow parliamentarian Mukayisenga Francoise as a valuable, kind politician committed to humanity and national values whose demise is a great loss to the nation. Mukayisenga passed on yesterday at Rwanda Military Hospital after a long illness. She was 48.

MP Gatabazi Jean Marie Vianney has told IGIHE that he remembers good deeds of late Mukayisenga from way back in 1990s.

“We met the first time in Gishari in 1998 during civic trainings when she was the accountant of Rwerere commune. I was at the time the accountant of Kiyombe commune. I and Mukayisenga were recognized as the most outstanding among the 140 accountants. She was very bright,” he said.

Gatabazi explained that he later joined parliament and often met Mukayisenga when he visited Cyanzarwe near the border of Democratic Republic of Congo mobilizing Rwandan refugees to repatriate.

Gatabazi said he will always remember late Mukayisenga for patriotism, and striving for Rwandans’ unity. Mukayisenga’s father was militia in EX-FAR who worked in Kanombe Military barracks.

After the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, Mukayisenga repatriated from DRC in 1996 where after she served as employee of Rwerere commune and later joined parliament under the auspices of RPF Inkotanyi.
MP Mukakanyamugenge Christine from Social Democratic Party (PSD) who worked with late Mukayisenga in the Human Rights Commission has said “There are many things late MP Mukayisenga can be remembered for. She was a committed worker and stood against oppression.”

MP Mukakanyamugenge said she heard the last word of late Mukayisenga when they visited her in Rwanda Military Hospital.

MP Muhongayire Christine has told IGIHE that late Mukayisenga was a true parent whose deeds won’t be forgotten. for humanity.

Mukayisenga leaves a husband and three children including two girls and a boy.The eldest is in senior six while others are in ordinary level at secondary school.

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Mukayisenga passed on yesterday at Rwanda Military Hospital