Multitudes turn-up at Kagame’s maiden rally

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On 17 July 2017 saa 05:30
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Ten of thousands of enthusiastic supporters for the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), turned-up in Ruhango and Nyanza districts, to mark the start of the party’s election campaign for the August 4, Presidential elections.

Dressed in the party’s branded T-Shirts, caps and scurf’s, the ecstatic supporters danced and sang as they waved the party’s flags and posters with “Tora Kagame-Vote Kagame”, all the way from Kigali towards Ruhango district.

Before RFF-Inkontanyi candidate arrived at the campaign venue in Ruhango town, the supporters had already gathered at the campaign venue at Kibingo Stadium in the morning to welcome their candidate before proceeding to Nyanza district.

President Kagame was campaigning against Frank Habineza flag bearer for Democratic Green Party of Rwanda who was in Rusizi Western Province and Phillippe Mpayimana who also in Nyamata town, Bugesera District in Eastern Province.

While in Ruhango his place of birth, President Kagame thanked the supporters, as well as the other eight political parties that supported in developing the nation and also thanked his party for the trust given to him to be the party candidate.

“FPR united the country; Rwanda will continue to exercise their rights to choose their leaders, the choice to choose the leader was made by the people during the referendum. Those who want to criticize what is none of their business are free to waste their time. We use our time to build our country”

“We have won many battles but we do not boast. We win with humility, respect & tolerance for others who may think differently.” RFP-Inkontanyi political party candidate noted before proceeding to Nyanza District where he was expected to hold his second election campaign.

During the referendum held on the 18th December 2015 at the majority votes of 98.3%, Rwandans made a choice to change the constitution that would allow President Paul Kagame to run for these 2017 Presidential elections.

Paul Kagame emerged as an internationally renowned figure during his leadership of the military resistance that cut short the Rwandan genocide in July 1994.
Kagame’s next stop was Nyanza District where he addressed supporters during his second rally later on the same day.

Meanwhile, in Rusizi, opposition candidate Dr. Habinenza was welcomed by projected number of two hundred residents in the Western Province whereas Mpayimana addressed small groups of people in Nyamata, Gashora, Ruhuha, and Busoro in Bugesera district.