Munyakazi to be charged with promoting genocide ideology

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 19 April 2017 saa 10:10
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Dr. Leopold Munyakazi, a Rwandan deported from United States for trial on genocide crimes currently held in Muhanga prison will as well be charged with genocide ideology.

Munyakazi, 66, was held for genocide ideology during the 23rd commemoration of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi as confirmed by the spokesperson of Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS), CIP Sengabo Hillary.

He explained that Munyakazi said that people should be occupied with other activities other than commemoration of genocide calling it is useless.

Munyakazi is said to have uttered such words one day before commemoration week closed.

“Leopold Munyakazi said that people should not be always commemorating but rather stop it for other activities. He will be charged for genocide denial during prosecution,” CIP Sengabo has told IGIHE.

He explained that RCS has the responsibility of bringing charges for criminal acts committed under areas of its jurisdiction which is the case with Munyakazi.

Article 135 of Rwanda’s penal code stipulates that a person held accountable for genocide ideology and related crimes is liable to a punishment from five to nine years and pay the fine ranging from Rwf 100,000 to Rwf1,000,000.

Dr Munyakazi was deported to Rwanda on 28th September 2016 where after the prosecution accused him him of genocide crimes he committed in former Commune of Kayenzi, Kirwa sector, Gitwa cell in Gitarama prefecture, in the the currently Kamonyi district, Southern Province.

Munyakazi had fled to the US in 2004.

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Dr. Leopold Munyakazi was deported from United States last year in September for trial on genocide crimes.