Musanze officials seize 13 cars over illegal Irish potato dealership

On 18 December 2017 at 10:10

Thirteen cars that were transporting Irish potatoes to Kigali have been seized in Musanze District over what officials termed ‘illegal dealership’.

The two-day operation which started on Friday saw these cars impounded and held at the district offices.

The operation follows the last month directive that allows only farmers’ cooperatives to do irish potato dealership.

However, drivers claim that they have authorization from Irish potato collection centers detailing the volume and their origin. According to drivers, they are not aware of whether their authorizations are genuine or not.

According to Alexandre Muhire, though his car was impounded, he has authorization from the representative of the cooperative from which he bought the Irish potatoes.

“It is now the second day since my car was detained. We were told that we should not deal in Irish potatoes unless we have authorization from collection centers. I have authorization from the representatives but I do not know about its guarantee. This is the problem that should be solved by the collection centers,” he said.

Musanze Vice-Mayor in charge of Finance and Economic Development, Augustin Ndabereye, said that documents of new directives are yet to reach all collection centers, adding that they will share them very soon so that the affected dealers can seek authorization before they are given back their cars.

When visiting the Northern and Western Provinces last month, Prime Minister Dr Eduard Ngirente found that collection centers were fleecing farmers with giveaway prices and put all Irish potatoes dealership into the hands of farmers’ cooperatives.