Musanze: Women anti-crime clubs sensitized on community policing

Published by Police
On 2 October 2016 saa 01:07
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The District Police Unit (DPU) of Musanze, mid this week gave basic community policing skills to two women anti-crime clubs in a bid to bolster partnership and instant information sharing against crimes.

The women organized in two separate handcraft associations, mainly focus on fighting domestic and gender based violence.

Inspector of Police (IP) Viateur Ntiyamira, while speaking to the members of the two clubs, enlightened them on the causes and ill-effects of gender based violence and domestic conflicts.

She highlighted ignorance, male chauvinism, drunkenness and misappropriation of family property and incomes as major causes of domestic conflicts.

“These are mostly committed by men, but to a lesser extent, women are also the source of family wrangles and men have found themselves abused by their spouses,” IP Ntiyamira said.

“Nonetheless, violence of any sort is a crime and should be fought by everyone through community discussions, identifying and being close to the affected and reporting the affected families to concerned authorities for proper response,” he added.

He commended the role these clubs play through identifying and reporting conflict-ridden families, which he said have been vital in addressing the problem in the district.

Godeliva Nyirarugungu, the head of SEVOTA, one of the anti-GBV clubs, said: "We were conducting community awareness against GBV but this session has enlightened us more on the problem and effective response, which will help us to strengthen our activities.”

Currently, there are 110 anti-crime clubs in Musanze including 60 of youth volunteers and 40 in schools.