Mushikiri residents called to fight consumption of Kanyanga

Published by Police
On 20 August 2016 saa 11:16
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The District Police Commander of Kirehe Superintendent of Police (SP) James Rutaremara has appealed to residents of Mushikiri sector to enhance their efforts and information sharing on people who traffic, sell or consume Kanyanga, an illicit gin which is presumed to be common in the area.

He noted that crime prevention becomes a trademark when everyone plays an active role to ensure sustainable safety and security as pillars for sustainable development.

The DPC made the remarks on August 18 in a meeting with residents of Mushikiri, where he also spoke at length on effects of domestic violence and effects of drug abuse among the youths.

The awareness campaign focused on fighting drug abuse with emphasis on Kanyanga, domestic and gender-based violence, which are still high in Mushikiri.

He, however, thanked the residents for their continued efforts in ensuring the effective neighbourhood watch programme as a security measure, but challenged them to double their efforts against Kanyanga.

“We can only achieve sustainable development in a secure environment, that’s why there is a need for everyone to play a role in ensuring safety and security,” said the DPC.

“Community policing lies under your daily activities and community policing committees is your tool to use and to work with them to address challenges you face in real time,” he added.

“Kirehe is one of the entry points of drugs trafficked from neighbouring countries and the power behind breaking the supply chain rests in you and no doubt, you can do it if you commit to fighting this.”

Fighting drug abuse in among the priorities of Rwanda National Police with focus on breaking the supply chain.

The residents were also urged to always provide timely information on couples and family facing internal conflicts to facilitate quick response to address their differences to prevent any likely violence.