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Mushroom growing earns young lady Rwf 2 million award
Published on 2-07-2016 - at 09:22' by Théophile Niyitegeka

Uwineza Pascaline, a student from Akila Institute of Women has scooped a Rwf 2 million award over her outstanding project of growing mushrooms expected to satisfy demand in Muhanga district and extend it to Kigali city.

Uwineza won the award after she presented the project yesterday to jury and the public in the competition of young ladies aspiring to become entrepreneurs organized by Akilah Institute for Women.

Uwineza started growing 50 mushrooms in April 2016 to feed his family with little hope the project would become a big business. She says that residents in Muhanga, where she lives, started buying mushrooms from her in bulk and she, then, realized how lucrative the project could become.

In June, Uwineza started distributing mushrooms to some restaurants of Muhanga while exploring markets from across the country including Kigali.

Uwineza’s outstanding project was presented and proven worth the award which she says will help to expand her business now that she has obtained some funding.
“I have started supplying mushrooms in Kigali. Such efforts earned me the Rwf 2 million award. This reflects how commitment and passion lead to success,” she said.
With the award, Uwineza plans to buy 25,000 new mushrooms seeds so she can satisfy the market demand on time.

Lisa Doherty, the academic director of Akilah Institute said that the good projects presented by young girls reflect fruitful results of offered courses.

“You can equip students with all knowledge but fail to apply it over lacking investment. We want all these competitions to be part of our offers so that awarded outstanding girls inspire mates to start up income generating projects,” she said.

Doherty urged awarded girls to ensure sustainability and innovativeness in their projects.

Uwineza was awarded along with other contestants.Sakina Usengimana who has the project of making earrings and other artistic decorations scooped Rwf 1.5 million; Susan Murekatete received Rwf 1 million for her project of making baskets depicting Rwandan culture.

Today, Akilah Institute For Women accommodates 400 women and girls and expects more than 1000 students by 2020.

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From right to left:Uwineza Pascaline with two awarded contestants


Great......that’s the way to go with the Entrepreneurship department, if all Education institution were empowering students in the same way we would cut unemployment rate by half and do more for the nation than what we expect the nation to do for us.
Come on higher institutions where is they skills......way to go Akilah.

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