Mutuelle de santé expenditures surpass contributions

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 4 March 2017 saa 02:08
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The Director General of Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB),Gatera Jonathan has said that the cost of medical services exceeds contributions under Mutuelle de santé and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning has been filling the financing gaps as they await revision of the contributions.

He has noted this today in a press conference with various leaders following the 14th National Leadership Retreat concluded yesterday in Gabiro combat training center.

Gatera, in a press briefing, explained that during the 14th National Leadership Retreat they discussed service delivery in Mutuelle de santé where the majority of Rwandans are subscribed and discussed how to make it a sustainable program.

“The discussion about Mutuelle de santé hinged on what can be done to deliver good services. Our discussions came out with the concept that the cost of health service delivery doesn’t match paid contributions based on current situation. However, we took no decision on the amount which should be increased,” he said.

“What we discussed is bridging the financing gap and has been decided that the MINECOFIN will support Mutuelle de santé fund to fill the gap as awaiting further action,” he added.

Gatera explained that they also discussed how to improve health care services delivery.

“We also talked about promoting health care service delivery. This has to be reflected in quick service delivery especially for Mutuelle de santé users because they would not be treated as members of RAMA in most cases,” he said.

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The Director General of Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB),Gatera Jonathan.