Namibian MPs in Rwanda for study tour

On 28 September 2017 at 12:46

A delegation of Members of Parliament from Namibia is in the country for a five-day study tour on Rwanda’s governance systems.

Namibian MPs appreciated the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) as an institution that the government has established to regulate governance and ensure population’s evaluation towards their leaders (citizen report card).

Speaking to the media, the head of delegation, MP Hilma N.Nicanorsaid that they chose to visit Rwanda as an exemplary countrythat has high number of women in decision making positionsin the World.

“For Namibia, in our efforts we are trying to have good number of women in decision making and in the private sector,so we are learningRwanda’s best experiences which we can take back home to improve from where we are.As we speak now, Namibia has got a percentage of 46% in parliamentary house” she said

Nicanor said that the visit has been very fruitful as they learnthow Rwanda has been successful in attaining women presentation in parliament through having registered laws addressing the whole issue of empowerment of women and resulted in bringing many women in decision making positions.

“Our impression in terms of governance is that we still have some good examples to learn. Despite having lots to learn inpolicies or strategies, we also have to take into consideration the importance of monitoring and evaluation in order to ensure that these laws and policies are being compliant”

The RGB Chief Executive Officer Professor Anastase Shyaka said that the team visited RGB to understand the politics and governance innovations of the country and more particularly to understand and how Rwanda is mainstreaming gender equality in its governance structure and systems.

“They came to RGB to get sense of what we do as a governance board and to get sense of how home grown solutions have impacted transformation in Rwanda. They also want to understand how RGB is monitoring and evaluating the delivery of public institutions and more importantly how we are implementing strategic plansby following up the implementation of homegrown solutions” he said.

Namibian MPs started their visit in Rwanda on Monday and they will wind up on Friday.