NEC explains voting guidelines

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On 3 August 2017 saa 03:41
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Few hours left to the presidential elections, NEC has issued directives about the proper procedures that should be followed when casting votes.

How it is done

The Presidential elections are done directly and in secret, using a ballot paper. The voter uses a thumb or he may tick in a small optional box meant for that, next to that of the candidate’s photo, whom he wants to cast his vote to.
Methodology of voting

The NEC guidelines indicate the ballot paper must be having Presidential candidates who were certified by NECin accordance with the period when their candidatures were approved.

The paper has four small options; the first one includes the names of the candidate, the second one has the Political Party’s Coat of Arms or the Independent candidate, the third has the candidate’s photo, whereas the fourth one is where the finger print is marked or ticked while voting.

How to fold a voting paper?

The way of folding the voting paper is very important during the Presidential elections because when it is done in an improper way, it renders the vote invalid.

NEC’s directive stipulates that the polling assistant responsible for issuing out ballot papers must show every voter the way of folding it. However, he must give it to him when it is not furled. After the voter has marked his thumb with ink or ticking in the special small option, he folds the paper the first time, and then vertically folds it for the second time and then horizontally folds it the second time, in order to enable him to place it in the voting box.

NEC warns that the voter must be careful not to splash ink to the ballot paper, which can also render it invalid.

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A voting paper displaying the three Presidential Candidates